KBC Winner List 2021-KBC Lottery Winner list of all seasons

KBC Lottery Winner List is frequently updated season by season. Legal Indian residents are lucky persons to get a chance to participate in KBC Lottery Winner Show and make their name in KBC lottery winner list 2020-2021. Recently, Season 13 has ended with 100 % success. Although there were many reasons behind this high success, Season 13 was more interested in Easy Questions and Answers about general knowledge & Interesting Topics.

Top Celebrity Amitabh Bachan hosted the show. Amitabh jee invited more famous personalities in the show to make it more interesting for the Indian Audience. Stay Tuned to watch the next KBC Lottery Winners Show, THE KBC SHOW. Get ready for Thrilling KBC Season 13, starting in 2021. Registration has begun for season 13 from 9 May 2021.

Register earliest if you are willing to win Jio sponsored prizes. Answer the registration questions and wait for your name selected. Work hard to mention your name in the next KBC Winner List 2020-21.

KBC Winner List of Season 1 -Year 2000

Vijay Raul and Arundhati

In KBC Winner List Most important name is introduced to Lottery Fans. The first winners of the KBC Crorepati-Patni format were Vijay and Arundhati. This married couple took part in the game show where other couples were also in the competition. Vijay belongs to Rourkela, a famous city of Orissa. If we talk about the past of Vijay, he was serving as a chief assistant engineer at GAIL in Rourkela while his wife was a homemaker. 

According to Raul, their dreams come true after receiving the KBC Lottery Prize. In an interview with the media, his wife remarked excitingly about the prize money. Start your entries in KBC GBJJ show to make your name also in KBC 25 Lac lottery winner list. That is an excellent opportunity to consider for next season. Stay ready to try your luck in 2021 Season and do your best to become a winner and include your name in the KBC lottery winner list for 2021 season 13.

Ravi Mohan Saini

Mr Saini, Student of Class10 of the Naval Public School in Andhra Pradesh, won Rs 1 crore on Junior KBC. He was only 14 years old when the competition occurred in 2000.


Saini was a regular participant of different Quiz Shows ever since he was in 4th class, but the reason behind to take part in KBC was to meet its favourite host Amitabh Bachan. Saini fulfilled his wish by participating and finally winning the KBC Lottery Prize.

Harshvardhan Nawathe

Harshvardhan was the first crorepati winner of KBC Season 1, who won the KBC Lottery prize. He wished to pass the civil services examination at those times; unfortunately, he lost his focus and did not give exams. He later went to the UK to complete a Masters degree in Business Administration. He is currently married and has two kids, recently working in a big Indian Organization Mahindra & Mahindra.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Mega Winners of Season 2 -Year 2005

Brajesh Dubey

KBC Winner List-KBC Winner 3 -  Brajesh Bubey

Brajesh, Son of national hockey umpire, K N Dubey, An insurance claim surveyor from Guna, Madhya Pradesh is the electrical engineer by profession. Brajesh won Rs 1 crore in Season 2. That was the biggest prize of that KBC Season.

Who wants to become a KBC Winner? you, me, that, those and even everyone. Try to make maximum entries in registration session and wait the luck to do a miracle for you. As you are selected in the Jio KBC Lottery, you can change the life and make your name in KBC Winner List 2021.

KBC Winner – Season 4 Year 2010

Rahat Taslim

37 years old Rahat Taslim won Rs 1 crore KBC Prize in Season 4. Before registering into the Show, Taslim earned her livelihood by stitching clothes for the peoples of her local area.  She was so simple that she did not even have a bank account.

KBC Winner List-KBC Winner 4 - Rahat Taslim

After getting the jackpot money she owns a three-storey house in Giridih Jharkhand. She has also invested in her business and opened a garment showroom for her good future.

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KBC Winner  -Year 2011

Anil Kumar Sinha

Have you witnessed a poor man to become a super star over night? 36 years old Sinha, a banker in Patna, became a celebrity overnight when he won the prize money of Rs 1 crore in Season 5. It called real LUCKY person.

By his luck and hard working he won the bumper KBC amount and started coaching classes to groom those chance seekers who want to excel on the hot seat of Kaun Banega Crorepati with Amitabh. He has also published his books on the topic of How to Get Succeed in KBC Game Show. Life is much easier for him now a days.

Find More About…Happy New Year from KBC Official Website

Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar was 30 years when he participated and finally make his first position in KBC Grand Finale. By profession, Sushil is a computer operator. Sushil’s Home town is Champaran, Bihar. It was an awesome chance for Sushil to become KBC Lottery Winner in young age.


Before participating into show, Sushil was earning just INR 6,000 per month as salary. Kumar became famous at once across the country when he became the first contestant to win Rs 5 crore, in KBC Season 5. Eventually he deserved this position by winning the Hot Lottery Jackpot.

Big Lottery Winner of KBC Season 6 -Year 2012

Manoj Kumar Raina

Manoj Raina, a 46 years passionate man, was a railway employee belongs to Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir. Militants burnt his house as a revenge in the disputed valley. As a result Manoj was very disappointed and thinking to rebuild his house but could not manage sufficient money to rebuild the house.

KBC Winner List-KBC Winner 6 - Manoj Kumar

His fate made his day and he won Rs 1 Crore in the 6th season of KBC Game Play. Now, with amount of Lottery; Raina could rebuild his house more beautiful than before.

Passionate Winners of Season 7 -Year 2013

Taj Mohammed Rangrez

History Teacher from Rajhastan, Taj Rangrez, was lucky enough to win easily Rs 1 crore in Season 7 of KBC Money Game. A man facing difficulties with his blind daughter had not rupees to take care of his Daughter’s eyes. Besides his own family, he had to support his mother & sister also. It was too hard for Rangrez to manage the house in little salary. He determined to take a chance in KBC contest & with the well wishes of his family he won the contest and become KBC Winner.


Rangrez had a pious heart for pity peoples, that’s why he took responsibility of two orphan girls of his village after winning 1 crore. With the remaining amount, Taj started a business in his state and spending a happy life just because of Kaun Banega Crorepati show.

Contact Information for:  KBC Head Office Mumbai

Firoz Fatima

Firoz Fatima named herself in KBC Winner List to became first female winner of Rs 1 crore, in the seventh season of the lottery program. Firoz left her studies in the mid due to financial circumstances. Her father passed away and the responsibility of the house was now on Firoz. She belongs to Saharanpur, UP.


KBC prize money helped Firoz to repay a loan of Rs 12 lakh that her family taken from a Sahukar for the heart treatment of Firoz’s father.

KBC Highest Lottery Winner of all the Seasons (Season 8) -Year 2014

Achin and Sarthak Narula


Achin and Sarthak Narula really good looking and handsome brothers tried their luck in Season 8 of KBC Questions Game Show. They won 7 Crore prize, the biggest prize of the KBC Contest. Till now, they are the record maker in the Show by winning KBC highest lottery amount.

Season 9 Mega Winner -KBC Year 2017

Anamika Majumdar


First Crorepati of KBC Season 9 was Anamika Majumdar who belongs to Jamshedpur. Anamika is a social activist and running her own NGO called Faith in India. Amitabh was much happy to give her prize that she is social worker and would plan for needy with the prize money.

2018- Luckiest Winner of KBC Season 10

Binita Jain


Binita Jain, the winner of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10. She won Rs. 1 crore. The amount is too much for her as she was satisfied at this figure and did not dare to win 7 crore chance. She is from Bihaar and house wife with 2 childs. Binita was also gifted a Mahindra Marazzo. Hope so you would remember her glittering face and her exclamation style when she became the lottery winner.

First Winner of KBC Season 11-Year 2019

Sanoj Raj Bihari


Sanoj Raj Bihari has become 1 crore winner in KBC Season 11. Sanoj Belongs to Bihar, another winner of Season 5 was Bihari. Sushil Kumar won 5 Crore in 2011 from KBC. Season 11 is continue and expected to bring more winners from India…Stay Tuned for latest KBC Winners List.

Second Winner of KBC Season 12-Year 2020

Bibita Tade


Babita Tade belongs to Amravati, Maharashtra. She is a mid-day meal cook by her time pass profession. Luckily, become the second winner of Season 11. Babita could not express her sentiments adequately as she was much excited after winning this huge amount. You also win prizes of significant amounts and easily find your name in KBC jio lottery winner 2020 list today.

Third Winner of KBC Season 13-Year 2021

Gautam Kumar


Another winner who named in KBC winner list for 2021 is Gautam Kumar Jha, a contestant from Gangdwar in Madhubani district. Gautam is an engineer by profession in Western Indian Railways. Gautam wins one crore by answering the questions successfully. Let’s see if he could win Rs 7 crore question or not in next episodes. KBC Official website has presented you detailed KBC lottery winners list of season 10-13.

KBC Winner List is expected to grow further, as there are chances that more contestants can win big cash prizes of 1 crore / 7 crore. Stay updated by watching KBC Latest Episodes and check KBC Official website frequently.

You could participate in other Indian Cash prize contests & lotteries, but keep in mind; no other program can give you such significant amounts. Only KBC gives massive cash amounts to its winners. Don’t waste your time for other lotteries and focus on Kaun Banega Crorepati Educational Lottery to win the jackpot and change your lifestyle. As the registration phase has started from May 09, enter into KBC registration and take the rest of the tests to appear in Hot Seat with Big B for 2021 Season 13.

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