KBC Head Office Number Mumbai 00191-88444470 – KBC Helpline Number

KBC Head Office Number Mumbai 00191-88444470 – KBC Helpline Number

KBC Head Office Number Kolkata Mumbai,KBC Helpline Head Office Number,Kaun Banega Crorepati head office number,KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number,KBC Head Office Number you can call in KBC Office Contact Number Mumbai. This is the Real KBC Head Office Contact Number for KBC Jio Lottery Winner +19188444470. Our Customer care center at our head office has been created to show you how to link to Kaun Banega Crorepati. In addition, you would learn how to acquire other related information from data and mobile operatives in the country. Kindly reach out to our KBC office number on any areas that you need clarifications. KBC Head Office Number 

Find Your Nearest KBC Head Office Number and Submit your Fake KBC Lottery Complaints

   Sr. #    Head Office                                            
KBC Official Numbers       
1 KBC Head Office Number Mumbai +19188444470
2 KBC Head Office Number Kolkata +19188444470
3 KBC Head Office Number Dehli +19188444470
4 KBC All India Helpline Number +19188444470

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Make a Complaint about KBC Lottery at Jio KBC Head Office Number

  • We keep uploading Jio KBC winner lists on time where you can check your name
  • If you are in trouble, you may call the head office number for accurate information about the lottery number.
  • When you call in KBC, we come straight to the point. We don’t listen to unnecessary calls. You have to finish your talk as soon as possible
  • If you deposit money in the wrong place, it will not be responsible
  • If you feel a fraud call, you should report it to the head office as soon as possible.
  • KBC will not be responsible if you deposit money in the accounts of unknown people

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Don’t neglect the chance to participate in Season 13 as there would be more rush of registrations than previous seasons. KBC Season 12 Registration has begun as of 09 May 2021.

Officials decided to aware Game Show fans stay away from these fake calls. KBC Head Office Contact Number 0019188444470 + KBC head office WhatsApp number Mumbai of Official Website is available for the Help of KBC Lottery Program Participants & Information Seekers. Dear KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Fans, here we provide you Official Number of KBC Office Mumbai Maharashtra to reach one of the official staff of this super famous show. You need to call or Whatsapp in case of any inquiry or misleading information you received from some person or companies.

As you know that every organization has a customer care department; KBC also builds a department for Guidance Purpose. In this department, you can contact for Registration, Auditions, Latest Winners Update, and Complaints.

If you want to get Your Registered Lottery Number, Please don’t hesitate to Call Us on KBC Head Office Number Mumbai (Whats app) 0019188444470.

Call in Jio KBC Head Office Number for KBC Lottery Registration and KBC Lottery Winner List KBC Jio Head Office Number 0019188444470

Get All India Lucky Draw 2021 Information also submit lucky draw lottery winner complaints. Lucky Draw Enquiry Center in all India

KBC Contact Number list and KBC Lottery office address

Check Out KBC Head Office Contact Number List & KBC Office Address in Mumbai

  1. Kolkata Head Office Number Mumbai 0019188444470.
  2. KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number Mumbai 0019188444470.
  3. KBC Helpline Head Office Number 0019188444470.
  4. Kolkata KBC head office Whatsapp number 0019188444470.
  5. Delhi Head Office Number 0019188444470.
  6. All India head office number and WhatsApp 0019188444470.

KBC Office Address: Unit 503, 5th Floor, Leela Business Park, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

Kaun Banega Crorepati Helpline Center Guidelines:

  • Any number that is not our head office, helpline, or KBC the contact number that sends a text, email, or places a call to you about KBC is fake.
  • Any number that tells you to pay an amount to register or claim your lottery prize is fake.
  • Never visit any site or link that an anonymous person gives you over the mobile phone.
  • If you win the lottery, do not tell anyone initially for security reasons.
  • To check your status as a lucky winner, send your lottery and mobile numbers on our whatsapp.
  • Click on “check” to confirm your status.

KBC Head Office Number Related Inquiries/Questions:

Who is the chief of KBC?

Ans: Kaun Banega Crorepati Live Show is managing by the number of peoples at different designations. Not a single person is managing this Program. There is a team of professional persons.

What is KBC lottery?

Ans: KBC Lottery Winner Program is an initiative of KBC India with the collaboration of Jio Reliance & Sony TV Network. In this Program you can win cash prizes by answering easy questions.

Who are the winners of KBC?

Ans: KBC Lottery Winners are lucky people who win cash prizes in Live Episodes of KBC Seasons every year. You can become a winner and include your name in KBC Winner List by participating in KBC Ghar Baithay Jeeto.

Should we contact KBC Head Office Number if we receive a fake call?

Ans: Yes! You should confirm us at our official contact number if you receive any call regarding KBC staff. There are a lot of people who are active at the name of KBC, confirm before they trap you.

kbc head office number kolkata

KBC Head Office Real Number Mumbai

Is KBC Official Website responding to our WhatsApp inquiries?

Ans: Our Official Staff is available to assist you on your calls or WhatsApp messages. We want to make you safe from trap calls. Make a complaint against any attempt made with you. We would respond you back.

Should we pay money to someone at the name of KBC representative?

Ans: Never pay to anyone at the name of KBC. We never ask for money to award you a cash prize. You have to pay a tax amount to the Indian Government after you receive your cash prize from KBC.

Is KBC Lottery Game a fair game in India?

Ans: Kaun Banega Crorepati game is a fair and genuine prize-winning educational game in India. You can call it a Lottery game because who wins cash prize he/she has not invested in winning such a huge amount. Money received in this way can be called a Lottery Prize.

Does Amitabh Bachan talk to us on KBC Dedicated Line?

Ans: No, Big B is only available during Live episodes of the KBC Seasons. Never expect to receive a call from Amitabh Bachann during or after the Season ends. You can talk to Big B only during the Live KBC Lottery Winner Show.

kbc head office number mumbai

Should we tell someone about KBC lottery money?

Ans: When you become a KBC Lottery Winner 2021, you become famous automatically by the announcement of KBC Authorities. It depends on you to declare your prize with your relatives and friends or not.

Can KBC representatives tell us about KBC Lottery Show Answers?

Ans: KBC Staff can not assist you in this matter, but your family and friends can tell you answers during the live call-in Live Episode of KBC Seasons, it calls LifeLine.

How to ask about Tax Deductions on KBC Lottery Cash prizes?

Ans: There is almost 32 % of tax ration on winning amount which you have to pay to the Indian Government. No other authorities are authorized to collect his tax amount at the behalf of any organisation or by themselves.

Would the KBC team resolve our Problems of Fake Calls?

Ans: If you receive any doubtful call at the name of KBC, inform KBC officials at KBC Head Office Number to take proper action against these persons.

kbc head office whatsapp number mumbai

 if you receive a call from an unknown person, they inform you that you are KBC Lucky winner, and you win the KBC lottery, and also ask you to visit any site, please always ignore. Nowadays, scammers are playing with the money of innocent peoples. So, if you receive any call through these numbers, don’t pay attention to all these types of news, calls or messages. KBC has only one KBC Helpline Number, which is 00191-88 444 470. So, if you receive any fraud call about KBC Lottery winner, call us at our KBC head office numbers.

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KBC Lottery Winner all Season Information:

KBC-Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 1:

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) starts on July 3, 2000, and was presented by Amitabh Bachhan, Indian film star. It was his first presence on Indian TV Screens for any hosted program. KBC started with the maximum prize amount of one million Indian Rupees to win. At that times of starting 2000, it was handsome amount to win and fulfill the dreams of winners.

KBC Hot Season 2:

On August 5, 2005, the game show started again later a 4-year gap, and give new name KBC 2. For the duration of this season, the game show award amount was doubled over to Two Million Indian rupees. The investors of the show increased the prize money to attract more participants for the coming seasons.

KBC Jio Lottery Season 3:

Star TV take on Shahrukh Khan to present the third season due to illness of Amitabh Bachann. The amount of award keeps on 2 Million Indian rupees. The game show started exposure on January 22, 2007.The period over on April 19, 2007, through a superior ending. For any type of circumstance, you can call or text on the KBC head office number. No major winner was reported in this season.

KBC Program 4:

Season four and give a new name KBC 4 was presented by the repaying Amitabh Bachchan. With the exciting thing tagline “Koi BhiSawaalChotaNahiHota.” The game show stimulated since STAR TV on Sony TV. The different logos intended in the fourth season. The amount of award 1 million rupees and top prize question was 5 Million. Nowadays KBC lucky draw is offered on all sim greetings cards which are utilized in India.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season Five:

Previous season was a flop season. Amitabh Bachchan is back to present the fifth season game show which starts on August 15, 2011, on Indian Independence Day. Tagline use for this show was “Koi Bhi Insaan Chota Nahi Hota.” This season was usually watched as the supreme famous game show on Indian TV. Popularity was increased more and more as compared to past seasons. 

KBC Lottery Winner Season 6:

Amitabh Bachchan hosted this season 6 on September 7, 2012. His hosting duties continued as usual. Amitabh received handsome wages for his hosting at monthly basis. It exposed from Friday to Sunday late afternoon on Sony Television. Tagline use “Sirf Gyaan Hi Aap ko Aapka Haq Dilata Hai.” Every Season with a new tagline and slogan to attract Indians.

KBC Season 7:

Management could not take a risk to replace the hosting personnel. Bachchan as well introduced season seventh known as KBC 7 with a tagline “Seekhna Bandh Toh Jeetna Bandh”). The over-all award cash was more significant than before to 7 Million Indian rupees, and the number of queries improved from 13 to 15. Season 7 was beginning on September 6, 2013. Awarding persons also increased as compared to previous seasons. Overall great ending by every aspect.

JIO KBC Winner Season 8:

Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery Winner Season 8 began on July 22, 2014. The first time shot outer Mumbai. The tagline used for KBC 8 was “Yahan Sirf Paise Nahi, Dil Bhi Jeete Jate Hain.”The top winning award amount of KBC 8 was 7 million Indian rupees. Check out the complete list of KBC Winners in our winners page.

KBC Lottery Season 9:

Another nonstop broadcasting Season of KBC was back with Bachchan restarting presenting responsibilities on August 28, 2017 exposure on Sony television. The tagline used for season 9 was “Jawaab dene ka Waqt aa Gaya hai.” People of India enjoyed the show and secured a lot of prizes by online and offline.

KBC Lottery Season 10:

Great Indian Lottery, KBC Lottery Season 10 known as Jio KBC Lottery was as well introduced by Bachchan June 6, 2018, on Sony Television. Tagline use for this season was “Kab Tak Roko ge.” In this specific season, the Phone-a-friend link was exchanged with the Ask the Expert lifeline. This replacement was much appreciated by audience.

KBC Winner Season 11:

Jio Sponsored Program KBC gives back with Bachchan restarting presenting responsibilities on August 19, 2020, on Sony TV. The tagline used for season eleven is “Ade Raho.” KBC seasons ten will make available a list of KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery winner 2020 for all Indians.

KBC 2021 Season 13:

Due to pandemic situation of COVID-19, it is late than usual to take a proper start for the season 13. Lets see what happens for this season in 2021.

KBC Jackpot- KBC Lottery Winner Series Season 12 in 2020

KBC Head Office Departments

When you call or WhatsApp on KBC Head Office Real Number, please clearly describe your issue. Mentioning would make it easy for our team to handover your inquiry to the most relevant department.

Recently, we have the following departments working to assist you.

i. KBC Inquiries Desk

ii. KBC 2021 Registration Department

iii. Kaun Banega Crorepati Prize Distribution Wing

iv. KBC Complaints Dealing Crew

v. KBC Technical Team Department

vi. KBC IT Equipment Wing

vii. KBC Social Media Team

Please save your time by telling us about your purpose of contact; either you are contacting us through call/WhatsApp or email. Keep in mind when calling to our Head Office, do not request again and again. Describe your matter in a single call so that other users also can avail of the chance to talk to KBC Representatives.


Jio KBC Lottery Mission:

Jio is the official sponsor of the KBC Game Show. Our Mission is to keep you informed & updated about KBC Lottery Winner Season 2021. We also provide Lottery winners list for Every Season of the Game Show. If you have any Questions about KBC Lottery Season 13 for 2021, KBC All India Sims card Lucky Draw Competition, KBC Ghar baithay jeeto jackpot, or JIO Lucky Draw, get ready for KBC Registration 2021 in June (Expected Date).

In this show, easy questions asked by participants. For example, who is who, history, General Knowledge, Current Affairs & questions about celebrities? Through these easy questions, you can win Cash Prizes of 25 Lac & 35 Lac and many more Prizes.

All you have to do is contact Jio KBC Head Office Number Mumbai to Enter into Jio Sponsored Prize Game. If you are lucky enough & have won a Lucky draw Prize, it’s time to Claim your prize on KBC Portal for Your Lottery Prize. So, Contact on KBC Official Number Today to Get your Cash Prize.

KBC Helpline/Support Center:

The official Head office staff is available to register your complaints against any problem. You can contact them about lottery number lost, registration issues, prize not receiving, fake calls & for further information.

Helpline Number is for any inquiry about Season 13 Auditions, Call Schedule from the executive staff, Sim Recharge Inquiry, and Prize Amount Confirmation.


Further More you can confirm about Tax Amount ratio, which applies to the winning amount according to Indian Tax Law. As per Tax Law, you have to pay back approximately 32 % of the winning prize amount to the Tax Department. Please keep visiting our official winner website to know more about KBC news and respond to us about your inquiries.

As you know clearly, every company has a dedicated support center and staff to deal with inquiries & complaints. Kaun Banega Crorepati also has a sharp wing of qualified personnel to tackle the issues you are facing. Dial our hotline or write us through email address to resolve your concerns. We would be more than happier to answer your questions. Keep visiting for more guidelines about KBC Season 13.


Important Note about our Policy:

 Lottery Officials has complete rights to change, modify, add or remove any portion of the Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, at any time without prior notification (on social accounts or official website). Changes to the Terms and Conditions made immediately will be effective from the time of posting (at any platform). You agree to review the Privacy Policy periodically to become aware of any changes. Use of Site after any changes to the Privacy Policy will be considered acceptance of those changes by you. It will constitute your agreement to be bound thereby. If you object to any such changes, your sole recourse will be to stop using our website. If you have any objections about our policies, you could write to us at our email address the specific concerns you are facing. Due to COVID-19, our staff is assisting you through their home stations. 

Answer the KBC registration questions to get selected for further assessment. Join to win mega cash prizes. Just Dial KBC Head Office Number once you have any inquiry. Hoping to get your desired information from our helpline. Never forget to give a feedback about our service. We an make improvements after your suggestions.

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