KBC Jio Lottery Winner List

Play Jio Lottery Winner 2024 games and make money! Such a Jio lottery 2024 forms of entertainment of betting or luck games have existed for centuries. But the fun has just reached a new level in the modern world where people can play these games by just sitting on their couch or leaning over a pillow, and just pull out their smartphones and go to any website which offers such. But such kinds of websites may not be trustworthy at all. In this website we are going to discuss the KBC JIO lottery winner 2024 list today, KBC Jio lottery winner 2024, KBC Jio lottery winner 2024 list and KBC JIO Lottery winner 2024 check. After all, the internet is loaded with the sort of people who create a lottery that really annoys people.

Jio Lottery Winner 2024 List Today

Now we are showing the latest Jio lottery winner 2024 list today.

No:Jio Winner Name:Lottery Amount:Lottery NumberMobile Number
1.Asghar Sabri25,00,000 INR732648783******738
2.Usman Gani25,00,000 INR723748867******837
3.Sikandar Hasan25,00,000 INR898234874******829
4.Vijay Sharma25,00,000 INR122213909******827
5.Rajesh Kumar25,00,000 INR673882912******398
6.Vinod Kumar Singh25,00,000 INR999838945******837
7.Rahul Sharma25,00,000 INR122311987******837

For more information about KBC JIO Lottery Winner 2024 List today please call JIO KBC head office +19188444454. You can also check the latest registration procedure about KBC JIO Lottery Winner 2024 List Today. Further more information about KBC  lottery 2024 please visit KBC Official Website.

Nonetheless, for those people who cherish getting immersed in the lottery and other such stuff, we have something nice to offer. As the time has come for the KBCi Lottery 2024 which incorporates the Jio Lottery Winner 2024 as well. After a horrific 2024, we are now heading towards a new year. After having a successful Jio Lottery Winner 2024 associated with the KBC, the fun is just about to start with the coming of the Jio Lottery Winner 2024 after a decent amount of time. Before getting into much in-depth detail about the competition, let’s first know a bit more about the history of this event. Because we are giving to right information

Jio Lottery 2024

It’s been a couple of seasons now that the KBC  team is organizing such events where the participants have chances of developing a bag of playing such kind of lottery oriented games. We know how popular KBC is as a television show. Players from different parts of the country come to Mumbai to play the game and win money based on their general knowledge and current affairs performance in the show. But the thing is not many people can actually come to the shoe and win money. So it was the notion of this kind that the organizers thought of establishing the Jio Lottery Winners as a way that millions of people across the country can participate in the fun.

The season of 2024 was a big success for us. As millions of people across the nation participated in it, the prize amount was raised. For the winner, it was 25 lakhs rupees (INR), with the pooled sum of money being 7 crore rupees (INR) in each and every month. People are given a 15days opportunity to register themselves with the KBC head office. And then the winner’s list is announced. It is also to be mentioned that the process of registration of the contest was also very so that a large chunk of people could actually take part in it.

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2024 Check

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