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Jio Lottery Winner 2020 – Jio KBC Lottery Lucky Draw

Updated: 28-03-2020

Jio Lottery Winner is the show that everyone in India is aware of. The show is hyped due to its famous celebrity host Amitabh Bachan. The goal of the KBC game show is to deliver people the opportunity to win big prizes so that they can achieve their life’s goals. The game show provides you with two options from which you can choose, the one option to win the amount of 1 crore or less is through the question-answer session. Here you will be asked questions from different categories of studies ranging from science, politics, history, religion, celebrity life, etc. The more question you answer the bigger amount you will win.

Another way to win up to 25 lacs is through Jio KBC lottery winner ProgramFurther information is for all the lottery lovers and luck believers.

What is jio lottery?

The KBC show that has been giving people all that they desire. KBC game show is releasing season since 2000 and until now it has on aired 10 seasons. The new season of KBC will be broadcasted in 2020. Hence it is the chance for people with big dreams to be a jio lottery winner 2020. The lottery ticket enables you to win the maximum amount of 25 lacs, no hassle is required. All you need to do is get your lottery number and pray for your luck to work.

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How to win jio lottery ?

Unlike other lottery tickets, an individual does not have to purchase it, just make a call to KBC head office and receive your lottery number, then wait for the announcement of the lucky winner in the game show. If you are a user of Jio network then the chance of winning has just increased. Just make sure that you keep recharging your jio mobile number more frequently. Jio lottery winner is announced in each episode by the end of the game by the host, Amitabh Bachan.

KBC Contact information

In case you lack the technology to watch every an episode of KBC and still want to be part of the JIO Lottery Winner Game . You can check your lottery number through the website or call the helpline number. The official website of KBC game show is kbcgameshow.biz. On the website you will find the list of KBC Winners and by the end of season 11 the list of Jio winners 2019 will be updated. Moreover, a lottery holder can enter his name and lottery number on the website, if the name appears on the list it means you have won the lottery and eligible for the price of KBC 25 lac Winner.

Dear Visitors of Jio Lottery Winner Now it is very easy to be a part of Jio Lucky Draw without any registration. Now Jio Lucky Draw is available on all India sim cards which are used in India and your mobile number can be included in Jio Lottery Winners 2019 very easily by using some methods which we mentioned below. If you want to list your name in KBC Lottery Winner 2019? Then now It is very easy to call at KBC Head Office Number or you don’t need to go anywhere Online KBC Winner 2019 is one of the best options for you. “Jio Lottery Winner” good program to win your Cash money.

You can also dial KBC helpline number to inquire about lottery number at+1 (918) 844-4111. The team of KBC is always ready to help individuals gain all the information needed to be a KBC Winner.

Warning by Jio KBC Head Office

To be a jio lottery winner and win 25 lacs, make sure you have enough knowledge to not fall for a trap of deception. If you receive any call or text confirming your lottery number, do not tell them the number in any case. Additionally, if you get any text asking for a registration fee or any cost to obtain the prize, do not entertain it as KBC does not charge any fee for purchase of lottery or giving out the jio lottery winner prize.

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