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Prizes Without a Contact Number – Are You a Victim?

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Good news for KBC fans, Rana Pratap Singh the KBC Manager is back but some callers have been doing fooling on the identity of the senior officer of KBC. In this site reveal the real Rana Pratap Singh KBC Manager photo. request to all KBC lottery manager to not trust on this type of fake messaging on such cellphone which belongs to lottery cell phone number. After all it’s just a cellphone number and not a valid address or name.

It appears to be that the person calling was trying to ask for some instructions from lottery personnel about how to play the lottery game. After giving him instructions he asked for his mobile number. The caller then mentioned that he was a KBC Winner and asked for his contact details. The caller then mentioned that he would win the lottery and asked for the same number.

No.KBC Winner NameLottery AmountLottery Winner Mobile #
2Mr.Rayaan Sharma80,00,000779******680
3Mr.Tej Bahadur Singh75,00,000954******441
4Mr.Samaksh Singh60,00,000988******125

rana pratap singh kbc lottery manager photo

The caller was identified as a thief by the police. He had used the cellphone number to ask for directions to the police station. This is one more proof about the working of fraudulent lottery firms. There have been several complaints about fake calls about winning Lotto numbers, offering cash rewards for winning. These firms target those who are really in search of winning the lottery games and are not the victims of such misleading people. Lottery frauds have hit the limelight because of these scams and the need to know and safeguard oneself from such crooks.

rana pratap singh kbc

Rana Pratap Singh has also clarified that they will be conducting a series of seminars to educate people about how to detect these frauds. “We will be holding special seminars to teach people how to differentiate between spam and genuine calls. Our helpline will help them get in touch with us if they encounter any kind of problem. This is just a first step in our plan to sensitize the public about the threats that come through unknown callers. We will be expanding the helpline and other services soon enough”, added the KBC representative.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC head office

  1. Mr. Tuhin Khanna Lottery Winner of 95,00,000 City Gurugram winning date 19 March 2022.
  2. Mr. Umang Kapoor Lottery Winner of 85,00,000 City Jaipur winning date 19 March 2022.
  3. Mr. Adil Hussain Lottery Winner of 75,00,000 City New Dehli winning date 19 March 2022.
  4. Mr. Vaidik Sharma Lottery Winner of 60,00,000 City Kanpur winning date 19 March 2022.
  5. Mr. Ronit Anand Lottery Winner of 55,00,000 City Lucknow winning date 19 March 2022.
  6. Ms. Girik Dhupia Lottery Winner of 40,00,000 City Indore winning date 18 March 2022.
  7. Mr. Hredhaan Patel Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Nasik winning date 18 March 2022.
  8. Ms. Jairaj Rao Hydari Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Chandigarh winning date 18 March 2022.
  9. Mr. Manbir Batham Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Shimla winning date 18 March 2022.
  10. Mr. Onkar Prasad Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Salem winning date 18 March 2022.
  11. Ms. Ameesha Patel Lottery Winner of 50,00,000 City Ahmedabad winning date 17 March 2022.
  12. Mr. Mukul Borse Lottery Winner of 50,00,000 City Mumbai winning date 17 March 2022.
  13. Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Lottery Winner of 50,00,000 City Kolkata winning date 17 September 2021.
  14. Ms. Ananya Panday Lottery Winner of 1,00,00,000 City Chennai winning date 16 September 2021.
  15. Mr. Gulshan Morle Lottery Winner of 1,00,00,000 City Mumbai winning date 16 September 2021.

rana pratap singh kbc manager photo

The KBC representative also informed that the company will be expanding its services to include future additions to its services. Rana Pratap Singh said that the company has no plans at this moment to interfere with the operations of other lottery companies. “We are simply providing the same facilities that all other companies offer. I think it is better to focus on what we have got really good at and make other companies superior. We aim to be number one among all the leading lottery companies. We have very good strategies that will help us grow continuously as a company,” added Singh.

Rana Pratap Singh kbc

On the other hand, the real estate agent of KBC explained how these frauds happen. ” lottery frauds usually occur when someone alters or provides a wrong contact number. By contacting the correct contact number, the caller can easily find out about their identification details, and conversely, if they contact the wrong number, it could render all their lottery winnings as a waste, leaving the winning lottery holder empty-handed.” The real estate agent shared that there is a growing concern that more people are becoming victims of these fraudulent activities.

kbc rana pratap singh

Rana Pratap Singh also clarified that their SIM card is not used by the lottery operators. “Even if an operator has accessed your SIM card, it will not give you access to the numbers that are drawn for the draw. Instead, the lottery headquarters receives the numbers through an email system. Therefore, even if you enter a draw using your SIM card, you will not receive your winnings.”

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Rana Pratap Singh stressed that he would not allow his staff to participate in any lottery activity with a view of illegally gaining money. “We don’t allow anyone to tap into our staff’s personal lives. Our SIM cards are used for the safety and well-being of all the lottery managers who work hard for us.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC Forgeries – How He Got Away With 25 Million Cell Phone Rana Pratap Singh Calling It Spare Money

Rana Pratap Singh KBC is a well-known personality from the popular television serials and theatre shows on television. He has been associated with the show since its inception. KBC Rana Pratap Singh belongs to Rana Pratap Singh group that also controls the fortune-telling lottery system called Lucky Green. Rana Pratap Singh’s son, Jai Singh is also associated in this lottery system.

KBC Rana Pratap Singh has been a regular guest on the popular television program ‘The Weakest Link’. In this show, he often appears as a guest. On the shows, Rana Pratap Singh frequently appears as the spokesperson for KBC betting and he claims that he is a lottery expert and a KBC representative. On the shows, he expresses his belief that lottery is a science and that people should know the rules before they gamble. He says that he would never reveal his personal lottery secrets and pass on the secret information to anyone.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC lottery 2022

Rana Pratap Singh says he does not keep his lottery secret to anyone. However, people close to him to have access to his personal details and they make use of such information when they play lottery games. In fact, some of these lottery players hire Rana Pratap Singh KBC for consulting purposes. Apparently, this is an illegal act in some parts of the country. Hence, the question arises: How did the head office number of KBC get into the hands of unidentified callers?

The KBC lottery scam was uncovered during a sting conducted by an award-winning investigative team that was looking into the activities of lottery syndicates in Punjab. The investigators had seen KBC advertisements on the internet and were impressed by the fact that Rana Pratap Singh had won millions of dollars in lottery. When the investigators went to meet Singh at his house, the same scenario played out. Instead of Rana Pratap Singh claiming that he was the winning lottery winner, the caller ID showed that the number was actually that of the head office of KBC lottery.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC number

The head office of KBC started receiving calls from people who wanted to purchase a SIM card for a mobile phone. After checking with their own records, the head office contacted the undercover cops and told them about Rana Pratap Singh. The cops then got hold of Rana Pratap Singh’s original birth certificate and passports. They presented the documents to the caller at the head office and obtained verification that Rana Pratap Singh did indeed live at that very address. From this point forward, the undercover cops began to follow Rana Pratap Singh everywhere he went everywhere he had that unique SIM card.

From here the cops followed Singh wherever he went and followed him for a while until finally they cornered him in a restaurant and questioned him about the whereabouts of his lottery winners. Singh denied owning the prize money and instead claimed that he was just an employee of Sony TV. After being grilled about his earnings and various other details pertaining to his life, the cops arrested him. Singh was taken to a local court where bail was immediately granted, and he was taken away in the custody of the police. He has been remanded till the date of final hearing.

KBC lottery manager Rana Pratap Singh WhatsApp number

The entire story sounds very fishy as it sounds like a crime novel. However, it is not. Rana Pratap Singh ran a huge scam that involved multiple lottery scams, extortion, and fraud. The scam was carried out by Rana Pratap Singh through a fake cell phone and a SIM card in the name of a Sony executive. Since the whole operation was running on a nationwide scale, the police managed to catch the entire ringleader – Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Rana Pratap Singh will be sentenced later this year and given a life sentence along with a hefty fine. He could face up to 25 years in jail along with heavy fines. This will be the end of Rana Pratap Singh’s dream of a cheap ticket to Rajasthan in a huge super sports club.

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