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KBC stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery Game Show. It is a well known Indian TV jackpot contest. This show is initially on the British Television program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”?. People get a chance to Win Cash Prizes after answering easy questions in the show.

First of all, you have to register to enter into the game show, auditions will start, and you have to pass the auditions phase. Then a written test is performed to check your essential ability; you have to qualify for this phase also. A Final call from KBC Head Office Number is the confirmation of your entry.

The program is scripted, and the format is simple. One has to compete with others in all the rounds of the show. If you are answering all the questions successfully, your chances to participate in the grand final are high. The host provides different options for the participants to choose from them. It gets a more exciting situation when the prize money increases in the final round. If you are winning continuously, take more risks and earn the most significant amount worth Crores. Are you scared of the situation? Withdraw and take some portion of the lottery amount.

KBC aired on India’s Prime TV Channel for the first 3 seasons from 2000 to 2007 continuously. This jackpot script commissioned by Sameer Nair and his hard work programming team.

The program is the most awaiting TV Show in India. It was produced by Big Synergy Production and on-air on Famous TV Channel from the last 9 years.

There are two other versions of Kon Banega Crorepati Lottery Winner Game Show aired in Nepal & Kashmir after the successful launch of the KBC India Show. These two Game shows are inspired by Indian Version of KBC (Kon Banega Crorepati) & Scripted on the same pattern of Original KBC Lucky draw Show.

These three programs aimed to provide a chance to participate in JIO Lottery Winner Game, and the opportunity is for Legal Indian residents through Easy Questions & Answers. After Grand finale, the final list of every Season of KBC Lottery winners is updating to get those peoples with Handy Cash Prizes. Game show distributes Bumper Prizes of 25 Lac, 35 Lac, and even prizes of Crores. That’s why KBC Called Kaun Banega Crorepati!

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